Keynote speakers

We are thrilled to announce our (two) keynote speakers for EthiCS 2022 @EuroS&P’22.

  • Dr. Elissa Redmiles from MPI-SWS. Dr. Elissa Redmiles is a faculty member & research group leader at Max Planck Institute for Software Systems and the founder & managing researcher at Human Computing Associates, LLC. Her research interests are broadly in the areas of security and privacy. She uses computational, economic, and social science methods to understand & model users’ safety decision-making processes. She specifically investigates inequities that arise in these processes and designs systems to mitigate those inequities and facilitate safety equitably across users.
  • Dr. Rob Jansen from U.S. Naval Research Laboratory. Dr. Rob Jansen is a computer security research scientist and a principal investigator at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory. He is currently focused on conducting research in the area of computer security, with a particular interest in the security and privacy of distributed computer systems. He is a member of the Tor Research Safety Board.

Stay tuned for more details.